Heirlooms inspired by the everyday divine, hand crafted using ancient methods

Rosalie Jade Jewelry is an ongoing project exploring self expression and adoration in the form of heirlooms. My daily jewels are a ritual, a part of me, essential pieces that I feel naked without. I aim to create unique pieces that have a soul, carry emotion, are mindful of the earth and make you feel confident and beautiful. 
I craft most of my pieces with an organic drip wax method using the ancient art of lost wax casting. When you are buying a piece of my jewelry, you are buying a unique piece that cannot be purchased anywhere else on the planet. You are purchasing pieces that are hand made in small batches, locally, ethically and sustainably in Los Angeles. You are not only buying adornment, but artwork that contains a little piece of me that will become a little piece of you.
Photo 1 by Lucette Romy
Photo's 2 + 3 by Abby Gordon